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Google My Business

Google my business

 God's blessing
 Written by Engineer / Mahmoud Kamel

 Start with Google My Business

Today you can interact seriously with your customers, Google allows you to create a data card for the nature of your business, as well as create a comprehensive profile of the nature of your business, all for free, as Google My Business allows you to communicate easily and simply with your customers and the free search feature.

 You can start now.

Attract your Customers 

 You want to attract customers through a sophisticated profile, you can post pictures of your business and make offers to attract customers for your better choice.

Make offers with Google 

Google my business

 Offer clients many, many ways to get easy and seamless access to you, such as calls, messages, or even evaluating your profile and providing comments.

Communicate with Google 

 You can communicate with your customers through clicking, calls, reservations and follow-ups.

Work and construction method

 In the beginning, you have to register using a gmail account, and then create an account file asking for your business phone number, fax and identification on the geographical location, and then a pin will be sent to you to the desired address and confirm your geographical location on the map with the postal number.

You can start now.